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Jewellery in India is timeless and has always been an integral part of a woman’s attire. The Indian woman’s fascination with jewellery dates back to the pre-historic era when being a woman was celebrated and women took pride and pleasure in adorning themselves. It all began within tribes and the tribal royalty where the women distinguished their royal status with the use of splendid jewels. The word Ranakah in Sanskrit denotes the Tribal Royalty.  With a rich culture of adornment which dates back almost 8000 years Ranakah wishes to capture that magic and present the modern Indian woman options of dressing and accessorising which will infuse pleasure in her day to day life and help her capture the feel of Royalty in her dressing.

Ranakah has classic designs of rare appeal and the Ranakah jewellery is for the woman who would like to express herself fearlessly and is passionate about the art of dressing. The Ranakah woman breaks boundaries, is a style Diva and has a strong persona. She stuns with her grace and poise and effortlessly holds attention as she glides into a room full of people. She creates her own style which is an elegant mingling of modern with an interesting twist of traditional Indian elements. Be this Woman. Be Ranakah – Bohemian Royalty.

Ranakah has also increased the product line to include paneled skirts made in handlooms and block-prints. The skirts are designed in classic patterns, the kind women in India have worn, swinging with grace, since ancient times. The skirts are proving to be very popular and are being picked up swiftly!

Ranakah aims to resurrect the love for antique designs and help the woman take pride in adorning herself with statement pieces. Ultimately Ranakah is also the celebration of the Indian artisan who is engaged in the craft of creating ageless designs since generations, which mesmerise with their sheer beauty and intricacy.

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