Tribal Glory -Engraved Metal


This statement neckpiece is designed in metal alloy. The dholki beads are engraved and have little bell trims in them while the centrepiece is an intriguing pendant with a small chain attached to it. Originally this little chain held together the stopper at the corner of the pendant. When pulled out the stopper revealed a cavity inside the central pendant which could store anything valuable or little pieces of paper or paper money folded tightly. These are Metal Alloy Engraved Dholki Beads in Black Thread – Tribal Neckpiece. The metal beads are handcrafted by artisans.  A stunning neckpiece traditionally worn by tribal Royalty and now suited for making a splash!

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L – 8.5″; Can be worn longer too.


Metal Alloy


Store in the box provided. Spot clean with a soft cloth. Keep away from moisture and perfumes.

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The product is dispatched within 3 business days. The customer is informed through email. Returns will be accepted in case product arrives damaged (T&Cs applicable; please refer to Returns Policy).


Disclaimer : Since this product is hand crafted, it may have slight irregularities or imperfections. However these irregularities are the result of the handcrafted process and add to the products’ charm while ensuring you have a uniquely charming piece.


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