Velvet Cornelians Matte Look Brown Choker


The use of stone beads and other shapes to fashion jewellery has been an ancient art in the Indian subcontinent. Indeed sources say that India was home to the diamond and invented the diamond drill which was then taught to the Romans. The rich Indian heritage of adorning jewellery crafted with beads has created a flourishing industry. The velvety stones have been cut and shaped into smooth beads that wrap themselves around the neck lovingly. The colour is unusual. These four Strings in the Cornelian Beads Necklace are bunched and strung together for a contemporary and stylish look.

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Round L – 16″



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The product is dispatched within 3 business days. The customer is informed through email. Returns will be accepted in case product arrives damaged (T&Cs applicable; please refer to Returns Policy).


Store in a soft pouch. Spot clean with a soft cloth and keep away from moisture. Refer to Care section.


Since this product is hand crafted, it may have slight irregularities or imperfections. However, these irregularities are the result of the handcrafted process and add to the products’ charm while ensuring you have a uniquely charming piece.

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