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What is Ranakah?

Ranakah is about filling the woman with pride in her appearance. Ranakah is meant to help a woman discover her persona and make a statement fearlessly. We discover the best designs from artisans and craftsmen from various regions of India and deliver them at a great value to our members.

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What does Ranakah mean?

Ranakah – is pronounced with an emphasis on the ‘h’ at the end (as in ‘h’-elp). It is the Sanskrit word for Kings and Royalty of the warrior tribes. The word Ranakah here propagates the continuity of our traditions of women taking pride in adorning themselves with heritage designs that have enthralled since civilizations came […]

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Where do we source our products from?

Ranakah sources products directly from artisans and craftsmen of the country from different regions of India. We guarantee the authenticity of each and every product we sell.

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Do I need to set up an account to place an order?

Not required.

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How do I know that the products you sell are authentic?

A product of pure silver has been stated to be so under the image. The composition too is detailed along with a stamp on the product. In case the product is of metal alloy then that too is stated below the picture.

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